ISOCLEAN Makeup Brush #005 - iso-clean-uk
ISOCLEAN Makeup Brush #005 - iso-clean-uk

ISOCLEAN Makeup Brush #005

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Brush #005 - Sean Maloney

How to use, step by step:
  • Load up your brush
  • Gentle patting motions to apply product
  • Swirling motion to blend
This brush lets you sweep liquid or pressed products over the contours of your eye. This fine, slender brush has a domed tip for controlled placement of crease colour that still has a soft, diffused look.

It’s ideal for blending out transition colours and defining the crease with small and hooded eyes. Go for a bold, smouldering look or a pretty, natural daytime glow; this brush will be able to get you there.

Pair your brush with ISOCLEAN makeup brush cleaners. Our unique formulation removes germs, dust, dirt, makeup, and dead skin that accumulate on your makeup tools - in just 60 seconds, whilst also moisturising the bristles with our aloe vera formula, lengthening the life of your brush!