ISOCLEAN Makeup Brush #004 - iso-clean-uk
ISOCLEAN Makeup Brush #004 - iso-clean-uk

ISOCLEAN Makeup Brush #004

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Brush #004 - Shantania

Every makeup enthusiast needs a trusty crease brush in their makeup bag! This essential tool simplifies the application of eyeshadow into the crease of your eyelid, thanks to its precise shape.

With a crease brush, you can effortlessly define, contour, and add dimension to your eye look. It's a must-have for achieving those flawless, professional-looking eye makeup styles!

Pair your brush with ISOCLEAN makeup brush cleaners. Our unique formulation removes germs, dust, dirt, makeup, and dead skin that accumulate on your makeup tools - in just 60 seconds, whilst also moisturising the bristles with our aloe vera formula, lengthening the life of your brush!