ISOCLEAN Makeup Brush #002 - iso-clean-uk
ISOCLEAN Makeup Brush #002 - iso-clean-uk

ISOCLEAN Makeup Brush #002

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Brush #002 - Sam Hellen

How to use, step by step:
  • Pick up some product on your brush
  • Gently glide across your skin until you achieve your desired shape
  • Perfect any fine lines with the angled tip
Creates lines of ultimate precision. The stiff, yet soft bristles allow for precise control to create the perfect fine lines. Perfect for small detailed work around your eyes and eyebrows.

Use it as an everyday eyebrow detail brush or get creative and draw colourful, precise thin lines. One of the most versatile tools you can add to your makeup kit. Each brush has been hand cut.

Pair your brush with ISOCLEAN makeup brush cleaners. Our unique formulation removes germs, dust, dirt, makeup, and dead skin that accumulate on your makeup tools - in just 60 seconds, whilst also moisturising the bristles with our aloe vera formula, lengthening the life of your brush!